Read The Top Five Most-Read Articles of 2020

Covid, delivery and cross-border shoppers: Here’s what everyone was reading about in cross-border ecommerce in 2020

Ecommerce beat all expectations in 2020 with ESW clients seeing over 300% YOY growth in some markets, the best Black Friday/peak season yet and an acceleration into the digital channel that portends strong further strong performance in 2021.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Covid and its impacts dominated interest in the first half of the year, but it wasn’t the only topic garnering readers. Insights into strategies for successful cross-border brands, and the untapped value of international shoppers were keenly read topics as brands sought to meet international demand.

In case you missed them, or want to read again, here are our five most-read articles of 2021:

Dr Frauke Wolf takes a look at how luxury has changed since the pandemic and what is anticipated for the future of the industry.

With lockdowns happening in multiple markets at different periods, ecommerce brands need to know how to provide the best delivery and returns to their shoppers to minimize impact.

No matter where in the world your shoppers are, there’s a holiday happening that you can help them shop for. Check out this list of the most popular and sign up for our global ecommerce calendar for shopping holidays and important dates in over 40 markets.

Before launching a cross-border ecommerce business, there are many key factors to consider to ensure success. This guide will help brands considering selling into international markets to hit the ground running.

With ecommerce brands seeing unprecedented growth even during the pandemic, we take a look at the cross-border brands seeing even better results due to their global diversification and how cross-border shoppers can be the key to driving even more growth.

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