ESW case study LK Bennett.

MultipleMarket Solution Launched in Eight Weeks

About LK Bennett

LK Bennett, the UK women’s shoe and apparel brand, was founded in Wimbledon, London in 1990. Their clothing, shoe and handbag collections are designed in-house and created with expert craftmanship for exceptional quality and style.

In 2019, the brand took the decision to restructure its business, bringing all operations back to the UK and closing their US bricks and mortar, and distribution presence. The new strategy would see all markets being served by the UK webstore using a cross-border model.

The Challenge

LK Bennett required a very swift turnaround time to implement a cross-border solution – just 10 weeks. The company needed a partner that could deliver a complete solution including pricing, checkout, localization, duty and tax calculation, delivery and returns.

The US market was the first priority, followed by a second wave of 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland. Wave three is set to include Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Mexico and Russia.

“With such a short timeframe we were unsure if we could even accomplish what we set out to, but ESW were able to address the many concerns of such a major project and developed a plan that answered all our cross-border needs.”

Zoe Donovan, Digital Director at LK Bennett

the solution

With experience in over 200 markets, ESW put together a ‘go-live’ plan that would deliver LK Bennett’s US cross-border solution in just 8 weeks. The plan considered the entire cross-border ecommerce value chain, localizing the experience for shoppers across multiple touchpoints such as checkout, payments, fraud, logistics and returns. Creating a bespoke solution for LK Bennett required a road map that took into consideration the markets where there is highest potential for growth and ROI, along with all of the functionality and services to help them capitalize on those opportunities.

The ESW solution focused on building trust and confidence with shoppers through a series of API integrations, beginning with a geo-triggered welcome mat with market-specific messaging, then reinforcing that commitment to the customer across multiple touchpoints including Currency, Pricing, Duty and Tax calculation, Checkout, Payments, Deliver and Returns.

Some of the key features included

Geo Location Service

Landing Mat/ Country Selector

Pricing Advisor

Checkout API

Payment Methods

Order Confirmation Webhook

Package API

Tracking Portal

Returns Portal

Email Suite

The Results

LK Bennett exceeds cross-border revenue targets, with AOV beating expectations. ESW completed the implementation of LK Bennett’s solution in 8 weeks – a 20% timeline reduction. Since implementation, the company has seen order volumes steadily increase month on month. As of June 2020, LK Bennett’s ESW integration is trading ahead of target, despite the impacts of COVID-19, with AOV running at 34% ahead of expectations. A strong proxy for the fit between product and market is the checkout conversion rate, and with ratesof up to 60% checkout conversion, LK Bennett’s is performing exceptionally strongly. Clearly the localization of the shopper experience, delivered through the ESW checkout is meeting the expectations of LK Bennett customers, giving them the confidence to complete their purchase, and keep coming back for more.

Timeline reduction

AOV Ahead of expectations

Checkout conversion

Live in 30 countries

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