ESW case study Original Buff.

Grows Revenue 3X And Takes Back Brand Control.

About Original Buff

Original Buff is a sports and lifestyle accessories apparel brand established in Barcelona, Spain in 1991. The brand designs and manufactures clothes and accessories for multiple sports including running, cycling, snow sports, yoga, hiking, watersports and more.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and a passion for nature – and the sports performed within it – Original Buff has its finger on the pulse of what sports people need and want from their sports and leisurewear.

increase in checkout orders

increase in average order values

new markets

increase in revenue

The Challenge

While Original Buff has been distributed in many European countries via a network of outsourced distribution channels for a number of years, not owning these channels meant the company didn’t have control over their full shopper experience or brand image.

To provide the best experience and to encourage shopper loyalty and conversions, the company needed to bring all its online distribution channels in-house, but the technological requirements and expertise required to execute would mean it would take years before go-live.

Bringing it all together

To enable Original Buff to consolidate all distribution channels as well as expand into multiple markets simultaneously, ESW combined the technological requirements needed to incorporate multiple former distribution channels into one solution while rolling out multiple new markets simultaneously.

“We wanted full control and visibility over all channels and aspects of the shopper journey and partnering with ESW enabled us to consolidate all our disparate channels, leading to a more unified approach and more control over every aspect of the experience. In addition, we were able to enter new markets quickly and efficiently.”

Elisabet Torras, Digital Sales Manager, Original Buff

The Solution

Original Buff elected to bring all online distribution in-house in partnership with ESW to have oversight and control of all aspects of the customer journey. A key aspect of this was the ability to localise the experience in every market.

As ESW has experience selling in over 200 markets for a wide variety of brands and retailers, its in-depth market experience teamed with its proprietary solutions meansthat Original Buff has a partner that is as invested in its success as they are.

ESW was able to localise each market in the following ways:

Provide required languages – French, German, English, Spanish, Italian

Execute localised marketing tailored to each region

Calculate duties and taxes for each market and offer local currencies

Offer top performing local payment methods in each market

Partner with domestic acquirers to decrease fraud flags and increase acceptance rates

Provide a best-in-class, domestic- equivalent experience on a cross-border site

The Results

From being live in 16 countries before implementing with ESW, Original Buff is now active in 44 markets across the world including Canada, Mexico, Japan and multiple EMEA countries, with plans to go live in additional markets such as Hong Kong. All markets provide a seamless domestic-equivalent brand experience to all shoppers and revenue has grown 3X since April 2020.

“The results we’ve seen since going live with ESW are beyond what we were imagining or hoping for. The whole process from discovery to go-live was as frictionless and quick as could be, and we look forward to expanding our partnership in the coming years.”

Elisabet Torras, Digital Sales Manager, Original Buff

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