ESW Webinar: Demand & Data-Driven Supply Chain

ESW Webinar: Demand and Data-Driven Supply Chain

In our latest webinar, industry specialist Sean Coxall of 707 International (ex Li&Fung, Marks & Spencer) joins ESW’s Natashia Redfern as they explore the key characteristics of the ‘Demand Chain’, and learn how to apply it to build a leaner, more customer-centric strategy that gives customers what they want.

Watch this webinar with ecommerce experts to learn special insights on:

  • Why the traditional buying process is not working anymore
  • The new way of thinking that is driving success for digitally native brands
  • How they turn likes, shares and engagement into profitable product lines
  • How the ‘Demand Chain’ leads to:
  • No Overstocked Inventory
  • No Markdowns
  • No Sales
  • Examples of legacy brands that have pivoted to embrace the digital era, re-inventing themselves on the journey