ESW Office Hours: Mastering Global Omnichannel Retail

Mastering Global Omnichannel Retail

In the first of ESW’s monthly office hours, learn from ESW’s experts about the importance of omnichannel in ecommerce

As a result of the pandemic, consumer behaviors have changed for good. Many omnichannel practices that were initially adopted for safety reasons will remain popular. In this session, Dr Frauke Wolf, ESW’s Head of Product Strategy is joined by panelists Regina Gray, Chief Client Officer, and CJ Towle, Head of Product Marketing, to share the key considerations for brands and retailers when it comes to planning and implementing an omnichannel strategy.

Watch this 15-minute video to learn:

  • How leading global retailers are meeting rising consumer demand for omnichannel
  • The three must-haves for omnichannel retail
  • How ESW helps retailers implement an omnichannel strategy on a global scale