Our Top Global Ecommerce Posts of 2023

As we close out 2023 and prepare for 2024, we look back at our most popular global ecommerce posts of the last year. 2023 was a year of the unexpected. AI stormed the scene generating simultaneous enthusiasm and skepticism. The predicted economic downturn largely did not materalise and, in fact, consumer spending increased.

Over the last 12 months, we have brought you insights and information to help your brand and business grow and succeed. From consumer behaviour to beauty trends, here are our most-read global ecommerce posts of 2023.

Multi-Local and Why It’s Essential for Growing Sales

Global shoppers are more likely to complete purchases with international companies if the customer experience is consistent with a shopper’s domestic experiences. Deploying solutions to enable a domestic-equivalent experience throughout the customer journey is essential. Read the post.

How Ecommerce has Changed Consumer Behaviour

southeast asia ecommerce

Ecommerce has radically changed the way consumers research and purchase products. From heightened expectations to increased access to brands and products, shoppers are changing the ways they interact with merchants. Read the post.

9 Strategies to Re-Activate Dormant Customers

A woman unboxes an ecommerce delivery

With all the resources brands invest in winning new customers, it is essential to keep them and turn them into loyal shoppers. What can merchants do to minimise customer churn and keep customers coming back for more? Read the post.

By the Numbers: Clean Beauty

an overhead view of three jars filled with beauty cream on a white background. Orchids are placed around the jars as well

The clean beauty market has grown significantly thanks to young and environmentally conscious customers. Here is a look into the markets and where the industry is heading in the coming years. Read the post.

An Apparel Brand’s Guide to Ethical Sourcing

large spool of ivory thread next to a large spool of purple thread
Photo by Towel Studio on Unsplash

The apparel industry is under increasing consumer pressure to prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. Small steps can make a big difference. Read the post.

In Closing

There has never been a better or more exciting time to be in ecommerce. Brands have more access to more customers around the world. Rapidly changing technology lets brands operate more efficiently while increasing personalised customer contact.

It is our pleasure to bring you global ecommerce posts and world-class cross-border commerce solutions that propel your brand to future, sustained success.