ESW Case Study


YETI provides a cool experience for Canadian shoppers

About YETI

YETI designs and manufactures high-quality items for outdoor activities ranging from fishing and hunting to watersports and camping. Their offerings range from their signature durable coolers to drinkware, bags, and dog bowls.

YETI started with a simple mission: to build durable coolers for serious outdoor enthusiasts like them rather than for mass-discount retailers. Today, YETI has expanded beyond coolers to offer a range of products including drinkware, bags, and chairs. Their gear performs when it matters most – whether that be an excursion into the remote Alaskan wilderness, chasing redfish on the Gulf coast, or just getting together with friends in the backyard. As a result, they have developed a loyal customer base and a strong brand that represents quality and durability.






After YETI’s tremendous domestic growth, the company looked to reach potential customers around the world by partnering with an experienced global eCommerce vendor. However, their first priority was ensuring that the signature YETI customer experience would remain consistent, no matter where the shopper was located. They partnered with eShopWorld to ensure effective execution on local marketing, currency conversion, pricing, duties and taxes, checkout, payments, shipping, and returns.

We had seen indicators that demand was growing in several places around the world. We knew it was time to expand, but needed a partner that could help us do it the right way, that kept the YETI brand experience intact. eShopWorld was able to do that for us.

Local Marketing

Any brand looking to go global needs to focus on local marketing to build brand recognition and drive traffic to their website. YETI worked with eShopWorld to optimize their keyword strategy, develop effective ad copy, and implement a custom landing page to ensure they were easy for shoppers to find and that the buying experience was optimal.

Keyword Strategy

Effective Ad Copy

Custom Landing Page

Optimal Buying Experience


A beloved brand like YETI knows the importance of providing a consistent, fully branded customer journey from start to finish and enhancing the shopper’s experience, regardless of their location. For major international markets, YETI’s online shopping experience is seamless, with no indication that a partner is working behind the scenes to provide a smooth, familiar experience by converting currency, displaying local pricing and taxes, and providing a frictionless flow at checkout.

eShopWorld plugged in to YETI’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance with a proprietary cartridge, which greatly streamlined the integration process for the brand by packaging all the necessary API connectors into one. This gave YETI the design control they needed to ensure the UI, product pages, checkout, and the full order confirmation process were seamless for the shopper.

YETI could manage and optimize local payment and card acquiring options to maximize shopper conversion and satisfaction, along with a range of optimized local carriers and shipping tiers to deliver the best experience.

Consistent Pricing

YETI sells a wide range of high-quality items for outdoor enthusiasts, from mugs to large coolers on wheels. To ensure that shoppers wouldn’t pay significantly higher costs for items purchased online, where duties, taxes, and shipping costs are a factor, YETI worked with eShopWorld to ensure consistent and transparent pricing.

It’s important to us that all customers receive the same high-quality YETI experience, no matter where in the world they are shopping from. We worked with eShopWorld to ensure that the customer would know exactly what to expect when they got to checkout.
YETI eCommerce Team

Customer Relationships

YETI retained full ownership and visibility into all customer data, ensuring their customers would not receive marketing messaging from third parties. It also allowed the company to continue building loyalty and lifetime value with their global customer base.



Overall 194.48% uplift in transactions


Overall 372% uplift in revenue between periods ESW was able to maintain margins while offering a 15% less expensive end price to the shopper


Homepage sessions increased by 62%

The program went live during the peak holiday shopping season of 2018 when the company was also in the midst of their IPO. Even during this chaotic time, the program was an immediate success.

Looking to the future, YETI and eShopWorld continue to launch additional countries and expand the growing company’s global footprint. A dedicated account manager works with the brand every step of the way to ensure that they are following in-country best practices, providing an excellent shopper experience, and realizing the revenue growth they are targeting.

“The YETI team is thrilled that shoppers around the world are responding so enthusiastically to their products and looks forward to welcoming everyone who loves the great outdoors to the YETI community.”