eShopWorld Launches Inaugural Data Awareness Week

Data Awareness Week eShopWorld

To celebrate our dedication to data we’ve launched our inaugural Data Awareness Week from February 20th to 24th. The week kicks off a company-wide discussion on all our data points, manifesting itself in a week-long conversation about what data means to us.

At eShopWorld, we work with data every day across all our departments and business functions. From payment methods to logistics to marketing insights, everything we do is data driven. Much of our success is due to the close attention given by our experts to make sure data is clearly defined and aligned across the entire business.

Anne-Marie Ramsay, Business Intelligence Manager at eShopWorld, commented on the event,

“So, delighted to be a part of a company who understand the importance of clear data definitions and alignment. Our Data Awareness Week is in full swing and sparking great conversations!”