eShopWorld Co-Hosts International E-Commerce Workshop at IRX 2014

Aimed at “progressive retailers,” IRX 2014 comprises six conferences, 100 retail speakers, 200 leading suppliers, and a dozen hands-on practical workshops. eShopWorld, along with Computop and Billpay, will host one of the 12 workshops, entitled Simplifying the Challenges of International e- commerce. This workshop explores what it means to go global, from understanding consumer behavior and localizing your brand to optimizing the international user experience, global logistics, and payment methods. The workshop will guide the audience through a journey across major markets, including Europe, Asia, and the Americas and share industry insights, statistics, and trends, together with best practice advice for international eCommerce.

eShopWorld SVP Global Sales and Marketing Martin Tully will present and answer questions during the workshop. Tully has over 20 years of experience in supply chain and eCommerce roles. Prior to eShopWorld he was COO with Supplierforce, and, before that, director of global procurement operations at Intel.