eShopWorld Delivers Global eCommerce Solutions for Retailers!

eShopWorld enhances the international online shopping experience and converts international shoppers to buyers. eShopWorld offers three comprehensive global sales, delivery and payment solutions that easily integrate with a retailer’s current global e-commerce platform and help convert the international ‘shopper’ to ‘buyer’.

The eShopWorld solution set is built on a foundation of 3 key deliverables:

Fully Landed Cost Calculator, Low Cost Global Shipping and Delivery (including fully customizable localized return processing and reverse logistics), and International Payment Processing.

A key component in executing a global branding strategy is delivering global consistency in shopper experience. eShopWorld delivers this necessary component with the Fully Landed Cost Calculator. International online shoppers, like smart consumers everywhere, resent being surprised by hidden fees and extra charges – a leading factor in shopping cart abandonment rates. Most retailer e-Commerce sites contain International Shipping Disclaimers, the results of which effectively dilute the shopper experience. After purchasing their product (and standard shipping) in the checkout cart, the buyer is then required, prior to home delivery, to make a second financial transaction, often COD, of undisclosed cross-border taxes, duties and fees. With the eShopWorld Fully Landed Cost Calculator, retailers are now equipped to enhance the overall shopping experience by presenting, in shopper’s local currency, fully transparent pricing, including all shipping, international taxes, duties and customs charges. International shoppers pay once at checkout, then are free to enjoy the efficient shipping, clearing of customs, and delivery to their doorstep.

Worldwide door-to-door delivery is the second key component of eShopWorld solutions. No matter how well-integrated and user-friendly your global shopping cart may be, the transaction is not complete until the retailer’s merchandise is in the buyer’s hands. Our strategic logistics partner relationships offer professional, courteous delivery to 220 countries. Our primary partner, Aramex, leads the Global Distribution Alliance (GDA) that includes over 12,000 offices, 33,000 vehicles and 66,000 employees, which are all connected with our integrated communication technology infrastructure enabling unified standards and business procedures.

Customers can track their package through the retailer’s website and if merchandise must be returned, eShopWorld customizes the returns handling and reverse logistics as per retailer’s policy. Optional Secure International Payment Processing is the third primary component of our global e-commerce solution set. All risks associated with international fraud detection and currency conversion are assumed by eShopWorld. We settle with the customer’s bank in local currency and retailer is guaranteed payment in their currency of choice.

eShopWorld is a privately held company, with headquarters in Asheville, NC. Chairman C. Michael Verble leads an international team with locations in New York, Chicago, Toronto, San Diego, Hong Kong, Dublin, London and Dubai.