Global eCommerce Summit Projects Exponential Industry Growth by 2020

Industry heads gather at the Global eCommerce Summit to Discuss the Continued Growth of Cross-Border online shoppers

We’re just back from an invigorating few days at the Global eCommerce Summit in Barcelona. It was a big summit, made to feel like an intimate gathering of like-minded people sharing the best of eCommerce strategy. Most impressive was the laid-back atmosphere that was cultivated, which allowed everyone to sit-back and make valuable global connections.

It was a big venue and talks were sectioned off into smaller rooms, allowing everyone to attend the speakers which appealed to them most. We spent a lot of time in the eCommerce room soaking up inspiring stories.

There were talks from all corners of the world and it was impossible to see everything. But there was a definite spirit of excitement as speakers looked to the future of all that is possible with cross-border eCommerce.

One particularly insightful case study, was presented by Salesupply. They told the story of their former client Tennis Point GmbH & Co. KG, who tripled their conversion rates after going for a more glocalized approach to their website in new territories.

Tennis Point was the leading German tennis supply site, and had experienced issues trying to break into the Dutch market. Simple things were out of place, for instance none of the contact information was localized. By bringing on board Salesupply, and reinventing their approach to entering new markets, they started to strategically glocalize their content. The turn-around was remarkable allowing them to successfully enter 11 new markets in just five years.

Which seemed to be the theme of the summit. This summit was not about companies hard-selling, but coming together and sharing information that will help eCommerce grow globally.

There were plenty of impressive revelations, not least the projections that B2C eCommerce will triple by 2020 or that China’s growing online population has already reached 668 million, with continued growth expected. With figures like that it’s no wonder the atmosphere was buzzing.

Our VP of Business Development, Joeri Groenewoud, was impressed by the overall ambience, stating that Barcelona was the perfect location. The city gave the proceedings a relaxed vibe that meant everyone was at ease and eager to connect. “You got the sense that everyone was passionate about growth and innovation, and building a network of eCommerce experts that will drive the industry forward.”

As the sun set on the city of Barcelona, and the final speeches and awards were wrapped up, a beach party kicked off in the One Ocean Bar. We were delighted to sponsor the festivities. The industry’s finest minds kicked back, enjoying food, drink and good company into the early hours.

We certainly look forward to connecting further with all those we met at the Global eCommerce Summit. It will be exciting to see how the projected numbers pan out, and to continue to share our passion for cross-border eCommerce. An inspiring few days, by any standard, and we look forward to next year.