Silicon Republic interviews eShopWorld’s CTO Colm O’Donaill

Colm O'Donaill

April 15th, 2015, Silicon Republic published an interview with eShopWorld’s CTO Colm O’Donaill. This five minute insight covers everything from the continued growth of eShopWorld, future roll-outs, and the IT strategy which has helped the company grow so quickly.

At eShopWorld, “We process more than 10,000 payments and deliver more than 20,000 packages in more than 100 countries every day,” said Colm O’Donaill, CTO of eShopWorld. But this is only the beginning as eShopWorld looks to fill 250 roles in the next three years, as well as invest €25 million in R&D and innovation by 2019.

For anyone interested in the IT team at eShopWorld, this article offers invaluable insight into what they do and how they do it. From data-tools to trends in the eCommerce sector, Colm commented on the challenges and opportunities as international eCommerce continues to grow.