International Retailers Are Thanksgiving Weekend’s Biggest Winners

Online shoppers have proven that the Thanksgiving holiday period is no longer just a US event, but a worldwide phenomenon, as retailers report record-breaking sales over the long weekend.

A big marketing push from global brands was behind the surge in international consumers this year, reports WWD, with non-US purchases up substantially from 2017 figures.

In the UK, over the five-day period, year-over-year sales growth was strongest on Thanksgiving Day at 82%, whereas in Canada and Australia, online revenues were up by 23% and 114% respectively.

“The Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping phenomenon has caught hold in markets well beyond the U.S. and the extended weekend is now a key retail period in many regions across the globe,” said Cynthia Hollen, eShopWorld’s U.S. president. “Many of the regions that we work closely with saw record-breaking e-commerce sales growth over the long holiday shopping weekend this year, particularly on Black Friday”.

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