A Global Beauty Brand Optimizes the Shopper Experience with ESW

Seizing the Cross-border Opportunity

This beauty brand was working to harness the potential that cross-border ecommerce held for their business. And while they had been meeting demand with a vendor that provided basic international shipping capabilities, the customer experience was sub-optimal and logistics inefficiencies were strangling growth. The brand partnered with cross-border ecommerce leader ESW to improve the shopper experience and focus on expanding their international footprint.

The Results

AOV in
Q1 2021

YOY Revenue during sale period

Global Payment Success Rate

Customer Service Inquiries: <1% of all orders

growth in an otherwise down market

ESW Localizes More than 50 Markets

ESW worked to ensure their global shoppers would have a domestic-equivalent brand experience, localized to make both checkout and package delivery smooth and seamless. ESW’s check-out integration with Salesforce enabled the brand to offer localized pricing in all markets, eliminating surprise charges at checkout.

ESW’s global footprint meant they could satisfy the brand’s younger customers’ demand for installment payment solutions like Klarna and Afterpay in key markets. It also helped the brand to make shipping times more predictable and reliable by leveraging ESW’s direct relationships with networks of local carriers in tricky markets. This meant the brand could re-open previously closed countries like Mexico and Russia that had presented too much complexity, which restored $2-3Million in annual revenue for the brand. On the flip side, ESW also advised the brand to close other countries in which the volume of orders did not justify the investment. One of the biggest challenges for the brand came from their extremely popular mix and match sale. It required a high level of logistical expertise because it meant a potentially unique product package for each individual customer. ESW’s logistics team was up to the challenge, overseeing a 2020 sale that was more successful than the prior year, even during the covid pandemic.

Some of the key features of solutions included:

No surprise charges

Expanded payment methods

Optimized Logistics

Eliminated Shipping Challenges

Improved Customer Service

Top market prioritization

Brexit Solution

Impressive Growth Realized

With the increase in available payment methods and better overall customer experience through ESW, their most popular sale generated 34% higher revenue in 2020 vs. 2019, and a 51% higher average order value (AOV).

Before their partnership with ESW, the brand’s customer service team was flooded with calls and emails with questions about duties and taxes, as well as customers checking on orders that were past their promised delivery dates. ESW’s order API enabled data flow between their system and the brand’s for order cancellations, returns, and replacements, which meant more accurate communications and quicker resolutions of shopper issues. Eighty-one percent of those inquiries are now resolved during the first touch. After ESW’s logistics optimization, estimated delivery dates became more predictable and accurate, which has reduced customer service inquiries to less than 1% of all orders.

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