Leading Watch Retailer Expands Global DTC Footprint to 150 Countries

The Need for a Partner

This award-winning watch and jewelry brand was eager to achieve their ambitious expansion goals while maintaining the premium service their customers expected. They were already seeing growth in their digital channels and recognized the opportunity that cross-border ecommerce could deliver across their family of brands. However, they encountered common challenges, including the need for quick and efficient expansion with their existing logistics capabilities and manpower. In order to offer a localized experience to all their customers, the group required a partner to grow their global footprint.

The Results

150 countries live at the one year mark

Four brands launched in rapid succession

Millions in new incremental revenue

Zero new employees hired

Dialing Up Global DTC Presence

ESW worked to ensure that the group’s global shoppers would have a domestic-equivalent experience, localized to make shopping, checkout and package delivery smooth and seamless

With an existing presence in over 200 markets, ESW allowed the group to optimize the duties and taxes paid on cross-border shipments and avoid surprise charges for shoppers. ESW’s existing network of local carriers also ensured faster shipping times and lower costs.

“We want our customers to buy from us where they want, how they want, and pay the way they want. ESW is the best partner to support that because they make the shopper experience the number one priority”

VP of Ecommerce

Taking the group’s premium customer experience global meant consumers were able to shop in their preferred language and see prices in their local currency, regardless of location. ESW diversified the payment options that the group offered, enabling all customers to pay the way they choose, which reduces the risk of cart abandonment.

ESW worked to launch each of the brands in the markets that made the most strategic sense by matching demand with the size of the opportunity and the complexity of market entry. This means they can focus on expanding into markets with the most promising ROI.

Some key features of the solution included:

Google Product feed sync

Consultative service

Speed to market

Localization regardless of location

Diverse payment methods

Salesforce integration

Sales Steadily Tick Up

The brands saw immediate revenue gains upon activating their first 28 markets with ESW, with plans to increase their footprint to 150 countries—all within a year of program launch.

Working hand in hand with ESW has enabled them to cost effectively scale markets and realize millions in new revenue without hiring additional employees, give their customers access to their favorite brands no matter where they live, and ensure that the shopper experience remains seamless as the business moves forward.

They now look to make global DTC ecommerce a bigger part of all their businesses, launching additional brands with ESW to ensure their products are available to more consumers around the world.

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