A conversation with Glenn Kennedy | Graduate Security Engineer @ ESW

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At eShopWorld, we’re looking for technology and business graduates who can bring a fresh perspective to technology and product innovation. Our 18-month graduate program offers a unique eCommerce experience and the opportunity to dive right in, working with some of the world’s biggest brands from day one.

We offer amazing benefits, tailored learning and development opportunities, as well as the chance to learn from and work alongside the brightest tech and product innovators in the industry. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be chatting with some of our 2019 graduates and sharing their experiences with you.

So Glenn, tell us a little about yourself?

I’m originally from Swords, only a 15-minute walk from our office in Airside Business Park, so excuses for being late are next to none. I studied in NCI, graduating this year with a BSc Honours Degree in Cyber Security. I enjoy playing football, running, socializing and sipping away at some pints on a Friday evening.

Tell us a little about your average day in eShopWorld?

My average day in eShopWorld can vary dramatically, it is rare that I am consistently doing the same thing day in day out whilst working here, which I think makes it very interesting. 

My day usually starts off with looking at my daily scheduled reports, these reports contain a wide range of data-based off assets within eShopWorld such as Trojans, Malware, Blocked Applications, Non-Compliant machines and so on. At some stage during the day I will work with Bitdefender for around 2 hours. I usually like to do this in the morning as later in the day it may get busier.

My team, Security Operations, works a lot with Qualys as we are currently undergoing a remediation Project, this project consists of removing Vulnerabilities from our assets based on the Severity and the Discovery Date, so working with this tool really has no end time. In the second half of the day I may spend time working with Azure, to protect our users and monitor all of our Sign In’s, Microsoft Office’s Security and Compliance tool, and also work thoroughly with all of our Phishing emails consisting of opening all emails in a Virtual Box for the use of testing.

Lastly, I will clear up any tickets that have come through during the day within our ticketing system. And if I can fit all of this into a day, I will focus on my Learning and Development which HR kindly provided for me!

Working within Security can really change different days, every day there are new challenges. 

What skills/technologies have you picked up since you started?

Since I joined eShopWorld, I have picked up many skills that will help me in the long run. I have picked up many interpersonal skills such as teamwork – I work within a dynamic team which requires often communication and meetings and to work very closely with each other as is required to carry out or day to day objectives.

I think the most significant skill I have learned throughout my time at eShopWorld would be Problem Solving. I know from experience in college etc. that problem solving is a vital skill to have when starting a career, and through this graduate program, I’ve seen that first hand. 

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Tell us about the culture in eShopWorld?

I started as an intern in 2018 and the main reason I wanted to return was the culture – the people and managers here are so diverse and very friendly. You can walk into the kitchen at lunch and sit with 10 people you’ve never met before, and be able to chat with them as if you’ve been colleagues for 2 years.

What have you enjoyed the most about the program so far?

I would say what I have enjoyed most about the program would be the transition from college to the workplace. Before I started in eShopWorld, I would sometimes doubt my ability to carry out some of the tasks assigned to me, or even think to myself, “what if I am sitting there clueless and afraid to speak up”. I soon realized that this is the last thing anyone here would want you to be feeling. Regardless of what you know or what you don’t know, you will be trained.

Has the experience so far helped define your career plan from here?

For sure. I always had an interest in security and specialized in Cyber Security in college, so I was quite confident that this was what wanted to do. Now that I’m actually working here, I’m sure that this is the right path for me. I really enjoy all the work I do, which I guess not everyone can say! I can see a long bright future ahead of me in the security area.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for their first professional role?

Learn from everyone and everything. This experience is a learning curve, especially for a graduate, you are experiencing a whole new environment in comparison to college. You will be surrounding yourself with brand new technologies and most importantly, new people.

Most of these people will have lots of industry experience and will be highly specialized in certain aspects, so it is important for a graduate to benefit as much as you can from these types of people and to take advantage of it.

Applications for our 2020 Graduate Programme will close on Friday 17th January. So, if you are want to work in eCommerce – whether it’s as a developer, product manager or security engineer – eShopWorld is the place to start

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