A conversation with Sinead Hegarty | Graduate Full Stack Dev @ ESW

Sinead on the eShopWorld Grad Program

At eShopWorld, we’re looking for technology and business graduates who can bring a fresh perspective to technology and product innovation. Our 18-month graduate program offers a unique eCommerce experience and the opportunity to dive right in, working with some of the world’s biggest brands from day one.

We offer amazing benefits, tailored learning and development opportunities, as well as the chance to learn from and work alongside the brightest tech and product innovators in the industry. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be chatting with some of our 2019 graduates and sharing their experiences with you.

So Sinead, tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! My name is Sinéad and I’m from Galway. I studied Software Development in Cork Institute of Technology and just recently moved to Swords to work here in eShopWorld. I got lucky when I moved here by finding a house that’s just a 10-minute walk away from the office, so my commute it nice and short. I also love collecting Funko Pop Figures, I even have a few on my desk!

Sinead at the graduate fair

Tell us a little about your average day in eShopWorld?

My average day starts with a coffee usually! Then our first order of business is our team discussion where we all give our update for the day and try to resolve any issues that we have.  Most of my day is spent programming, I’m currently a Full-stack Developer so each day varies on what exactly I’m doing. Some days I make things work and some days I make things pretty. Every week will have a few meetings dotted through it too, just to keep things exciting!

What skills/technologies have you picked up since you started?

Pretty much everything I do now, I’ve learned since I joined. I didn’t know the main languages that we use here before I started so there was a pretty steep learning curve at the beginning, but everyone was very helpful and there’s a great Learning & Development department here that ensures you get the time you need to learn new things.

There are so many interesting things here to learn; different languages, C# or Angular for example, new technologies, like .NET, and so many company-specific things too, like how our checkout works for our main clients.

Tell us about the culture in eShopWorld?

The culture here is great! Culture is one of the main things I looked for when searching for a job last year as I feel it makes everything else a lot easier. I find that being able to just chat with people, (even your manager!) makes life so much better! 

UCD grad fair

What have you enjoyed the most about the program so far?

I know it sounds like a somewhat childish thing to complain about, but life can get lonely, real fast in a new city if you don’t make friends. When I started here there was a group of 10 other graduates who all started at the same time too. This made life a lot easier for me, because we were all in the same boat, so it was nice to make friends with people who knew what you were going through!

Has the experience so far helped define your career plan from here?

My experience here in eShopWorld has really helped me realise that I made the right choice deciding to be a developer. I love what I do, and I love the people I do it with. Although I may change what I’m developing or the languages I’m using I know I’m in the right job and I know that everyone here will help me progress as I grow.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for their first professional role?

If I could give you one piece of advice it would be Don’t limit yourself! Sometimes we think that we’re not qualified enough, or we don’t know enough for a particular job, but you never know until you try! I didn’t know everything before I started this job, but they saw something in me, and they helped me learn.

Nobody is perfect so don’t judge yourself too hard and good luck!!

Applications for our 2020 Graduate Programme will close on Friday 17th January. So, if you are want to work in eCommerce – whether it’s as a developer, product manager or security engineer – eShopWorld is the place to start!

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