First Annual eShopWorld Tech Conference

eshopworld tech event

Learn, Collaborate, Change the world of eCommerce. That is what we at eShopWorld believe and we brought this belief, and a little bit of curiosity, to our first-ever internal tech conference on December 4th in The Davenport Hotel, Dublin. This event was attended by 75 members of the technology function, including developers, engineers, leaders, and external speakers. 

This full-day event spanned a number of topics, and while there was no real overarching theme of the day, one theme became common throughout all of the speakers – Innovation and Change. This was immediately driven home by our keynote speaker, Clare Dillon, who focused on innovating in an ever-changing world and what that means for us in technology. Clare set the tone for the day, with continuous reference back to her talk back our CIO, CTO, and CISO, who all re-iterated her message on continuing to change and innovate in this ever-competitive industry.

This conference was an excellent opportunity for our talented teams to come together and present on areas that, while not necessarily part of our product offering, are still of interest to people. These included our development manager’s take on a new style of game development, as well as an open forum Q&A with our Risk and Legal council on all the work that goes on in the background before the technology even starts thinking about requirements!

tech event

But let’s be honest, we all like to get involved in more hands-on activities and learn by doing. That’s why our post-lunch activity was a team-building Domain-Driven Design workshop run by Barry O’Sullivan. All of the attendees split up into their scrum teams and did a rapid-fire DDD exercise within the team. Not only did this wake everyone up for the afternoon part of the day, but it also provided some great insights for the teams!
The main takeaway from this day was just how awesome our tech teams are, and that we don’t always get the opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate that. This day was ultimately for them and was driven by them. The first, but not last, of the eShopWorld Tech Conferences, was ultimately a huge success!