Total Retail: Global Ecommerce in a Post-Pandemic World

ESW’s Product Strategy & Development Manager Dr Frauke Wolf writes in Total Retail about how the pandemic affected global ecommerce and predicts how it will be changed moving forward.

From the article:

As the world begins its slow pivot from managing the COVID-19 crisis to recovery and now the long awaited reopening of economies, it’s becoming clear that the period of lockdown will have a long-lasting and profound impact on the way global retailers sell and the way consumers shop. The customer journey — the path encompassing a consumer’s initial engagement with a brand through order fulfillment and beyond — has changed meaningfully. Nascent trends that were emerging have been fast-tracked and retailers have been forced to adopt them in order to meet their customers where they are, which is now less often in-store and more often online.

These changes provide significant opportunity for retailers that are nimble and can adapt to these new consumer behaviors, as well as those that have established an infrastructure that emphasizes convenience by optimizing global ecommerce.